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          welcome to us


          Anshan Qiangang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Anshan Qiangang) located in Anshan of northern China, the company has an excellent team which is experienced skilled and responsive in both technique and service area.

          Anshan Qiangang devotes fully in utilizing the advanced technique, supreme quality and scientific concept into customers actual working condition requirements. We aim to reduce customers total cost and increase their final profit. The products cover various types and models of crushing and screening mining equipment including cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, gyrotary crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher and vibrating screen.?The company also builds a large warehouse and stock of spare and wear parts, the fast and efficient logistics transportation system that can provide customers with the most reliable maintenance services. These spare and wear parts using OEM design and 100% replaced and fit to international OEM brand.

          hot products

          Multi-Cylinder Cone Crusher

          The structure is simplified, the volume is smaller, the weight is reduced by about 40% compared with the traditional spring crusher, and the operation cost is reduced.

          • Multi-Cylinder-Cone-Crusher1
          • Multi-Cylinder-Cone-Crusher2
          • Multi-Cylinder-Cone-Crusher3
          • Multi-Cylinder-Cone-Crusher4
          • Multi-Cylinder-Cone-Crusher5

          Single-Cylinder Cone Crusher

          QC series single cylinder cone crusher has the characteristics of high crushing rate, high product quality and low production cost.

          • Single-Cylinder-Cone-Crusher1
          • Single-Cylinder-Cone-Crusher2
          • Single-Cylinder-Cone-Crusher3
          • Single-Cylinder-Cone-Crusher4
          • Single-Cylinder-Cone-Crusher5

          Jaw Crusher

          CC series jaw crusher is new sort of rock crusher with higher efficiency. They are the most productive and cost-efficient jaw crushers for any primary crushing application.

          • Jaw-Crusher1
          • Jaw-Crusher2
          • Jaw-Crusher3
          • Jaw-Crusher4
          • Jaw-Crusher5
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